Texas for Heroes, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) organization that began doing military veteran weekend
programs in 2006 as Vets Journey Home. In
2009 we started doing one weekend a year for
military couples. Our mission is to provide
healing, honor, hope and homecoming for veterans,
and their families through education and
self-discovery. The weekend is educational with a
goal of letting our military heroes see how
their military service might have affected, and
continues to affect, their body, mind and
spirit.  They learn about "disproportionate responses"
to daily life, and its impact on people
especially on their spouse and immediate family.  This
and the other topics of the program will
teach men and women an awareness that leads to a
healing that begins on the weekend. These
men and women leave on Sunday with tools to
follow a new healing path. There is no cost to
participate, everything we offer these men and
women has been paid with their service to our
country. We serve veterans throughout Texas
and are now getting referrals from throughout
the US.


Our vision is for these men and women to make a good transition to a civilian life that will
provide them, and their family, pride and honor for their service to the United States of
America.   A safe life filled with peace and hope among a loving family and community.


I started doing veteran retreats in 2006 after I attended a Vets Journey Home Weekend in
2005.  That weekend changed my life and started me on a healing path that I give thanks for
every day of my life. When my wife saw my change and the change in veterans that
participated in our program, she insisted on a weekend that included the spouses. The response
of the spouses has been incredible and those weekends are now full each time.  We already
have adult children of veterans participating so our vision is to include a program for young

Samuel Luna, President
exas for Heroes, Inc.
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